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By Career path planning

“As the HSC starts for yet another year… I want students and parents to remember…. An ATAR score is NOT a true indicator of intelligence or potential. It does not assess your creativity, entrepreneurial ability, personality, drive, resilience, passion, negotiation skills, leadership qualities, empathy, innovation or influence”. 

An ATAR reflects only, your ability to retain and understand a set grouping of topics, study and perform in exams under pressure and multitasking skills.
There are literally thousands of career paths out there and a small percentage rely solely on performing well in your HSC.

Here’s some “no B.S” tips for reducing stress throughout your exam period!

  1. Change the way you see your exams – They literally do NOT decide how successful you will become. That part is up to you afterwards… If you have a clear career path and drive, all things are possible.
  2. Take care – Sleep, eat and breathe deeply. Take time out each day to meditate, enjoy a hobby or do something that benefits your body; exercise, yoga, skate, walk, take a bath or do absolutely nothing!
  3. Reach out – If you are struggling with your exam period or study, reach out to a teacher, a parent, a friend or Lifeline / Headspace
  4. Schedule your study pattern – Gain the most out of your study sessions by scheduling your hardest subject early in the morning. This is a proven time to learn,retain or create your best work. Once you schedule your sessions, stick to it! Routine is your friend right now.
  5. Know your back up – Have a back up! You might be aspiring to get an ATAR suitable for Law but fall short….. what’s your plan? Give up? Take a secondary offer in communications? Take a GAP year? Go to TAFE? Make a secondary plan that will assist you reach your first so that you effectively take some of the pressure off.

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