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Developing HR Policy

HR Policies are a must for any organisation with employees or which has ambitions to begin hiring staff. Good HR Policies serve many important functions. Like;

  • communicating values and expectations of how things are done at the organisation.
  • keeping the organisation in compliance with regulations, legislation, and provides protection against employment-related claims.
  • Documenting and implementing best practices appropriate to the industry the organisation operates in.
  • Supporting the consistent treatment of staff, fairness, equality and transparency.
  • Helping guide the decisions of management so that they are clear, consistent, uniform and predictable.

What is a HR Policy?

A policy is a formal statement of principles or rules that members of an organisation must follow. Each policy addresses an issue important to the functioning of the organisation to guide the decision-making of operatives within the organisation.

In short, a HR Policy document is a written record of the rules that govern how the organisation treats their employees.

The Indie HR Policy

HR Policies should never be copy and paste. For a HR Policy to be effective, it has to consider the organisation and its unique HR position, and reflect that in a document which is easy to read and understand for everyone within that organisation.

Indie Recruitment spends as much time researching your business, your staff and your current HR situation as we do actually writing the policy. This isn’t a waste, this forms the basis of a successful HR Policy, tailored to your business to protect you and your staff from employment-related disputes.

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