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Introducing INDIE!!
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Hey, If you’ve found your way to this page, its likely you are either looking for work or seeking staff? Lucky…. we can help with both!

First of all, we want you to know that all INDIE team members are passionate about a few things…. people, careers, studies and matching people with brands and businesses that have similar ideals about workplace culture. We want everyone to be working their dream job!

You’ll notice on our social media pages we use the hashtag #notjustanumber … and that’s how we want you to feel when you deal with us.

We are also involved with youth mentoring in the local area and assist with career path planning as well as self confidence and interview coaching. I personally cannot wait to meet our 2016 class and get to know how we can help!

The aim of this blog will be to educate, advise and hopefully entertain our candidates / jobseekers and offer topics that cover everything from “My first job” and “Summer interview / work fashion” to “Mums returning to work” and “Workplace politics”.

Blog post will be scheduled for Monday mornings each week at 6am and will feature local, well know guest bloggers from around Newcastle, stay tuned to see who they are!!!

We ask that you take 5 to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages so you can see our fun side and keep up to date with any promotions and info we release!

E: if you would like to engage any of our services or fill out the “Contact us” page, here on our website.

As always, we hope you have an awesome day and engage with our business as it grows into a movement that creates happiness at work.

Jac xo