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Create your unique skill stack and STAND OUT!                            

More and more, hiring managers are looking at unconventional aspects of a candidate’s past to see if they are a good match for their business. 10 years ago, it was imperative that a prospective employee had 110% of the essential criteria, 100% of the desireable criteria and was able to stand on their head, sing the national anthem and clap their hands all at once!

(Ok, not really but you get the picture)

In more recent times, we are seeing a shift from the emphasis on formal education to values such as resilience, lateral thinking and a positive attitude. Sure the formal education is still a requirement but the secondary thing you must possess is ‘Cultural fit’ with their brand and a range of skills that show you are capable of adapting, progressing and succeeding!


(trust me…. it’s there …somewhere! Check your resume)

As professional resume writers, the team here at INDIE often have to read between the lines of a clients resume in order to reveal their true value and ask questions surrounding scenarios to gain knowledge on how their personality handles certain situations. While their current resume might say;


  • Cash handling
  • Customer service
  • Employee of the month and TOP sales achievements
  • Fashion advice

After further consultation, we may interpret that this person has far more value and aims to work more seriously in the fashion industry….Without lying, we would articulate it in the following way;


  • Visual merchandising and window dressing aligned with the store’s branding
  • Fashion advice and sales to customer’s, based on their complexion, shape and personality
  • Sale of complete outfits, including ‘up sell’ of accessories to perfect their look. In January this year I was awarded TOP Sales person by ensuring all of my customers got everything they needed
  • Preparation of clothing for sale, including steaming, ironing, hanging and pricing. This required thorough knowledge of the materials used in our fashion to ensure no damage was done
  • Created a welcoming and positive attitude that customers came back for
  • Lived the company’s values and won “Team member of the month” for teamwork
  • Extensive end of day and banking duties, along with working to and reading and developing budgets
  • Store administration and liaison with head office to roll out promotions, marketing and fashion events


Show your skills as universal positive attributes

As you can see, we use elaboration and persuasive writing to draw out other skills that were there all along but were not articulated on the original resume… Do me a favour, pick up a pen and paper and write down absolutely everything you would do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly in your position, including all those ‘Ad hoc’ duties your boss throws your way… It adds up! Doesn’t it?

For each of these duties, think of a different role where this duty would also be performed, ie;


  • Reception and Customer service (also common in hotel work / retail work)
  • High volume data entry (Common in Government agencies and all admin roles)
  • Scheduling and Diary Management (Common in PA / EA and Travel assistant roles)
  • Switchboard operation and pleasant phone manner (also common for Call centre operators)
  • Retail sales (also common in account manager / business development roles)


In every position, you learn valuable skills that are transferable! It’s up to you to sell them effectively and show how you would be valuable in a different role!


90% of the candidates we meet, pigeon-hole themselves to the trade or field of study that they’re trained in. They think of themselves and represent themselves in their resume as an employee with a ‘singular’ use, often without considering other talents or skills they may have picked up along the way. Here’s a generic list of the top attributes that employers are now seeking in candidates.

Top 10 Attributes that Employers now look for in entry level to mid level positions

 How do you stack up?

(not necessarily in order)

  1. Positive attitude / Proactive
  2. Multi – skilled / flexible / adaptable
  3. Reliability / Responsibility
  4. Takes action / what has been demonstrated
  5. Well presented / well spoken
  6. Resilience / commitment / Drive
  7. Honesty / Character driven
  8. Openness to learning
  9. Culturally fits with business / Brand
  10. Communication


Once you’ve identified your UNIQUE SKILL STACK and know what other jobs you could do, it’s time to make multiple resumes! (“Oh yay”, I hear you say)

As someone who has previously had over 30 different jobs in 18 different industries, I DO NOT have a resume with ALL of it in one long line…… What i do have is, 7-8 different resumes aimed at different skills from my UNIQUE SKILL STACK that can be refined and further geared towards individual job applications. Yes! for every job application…. a different resume AND cover letter are required!

When you receive a letter titled “Dear Householder” do you feel like they went to ANY trouble to understand you or gain your business? NO! and HR managers feel the same way when you send out a generic resume.

Our resume service can assist you with ALL of this and we offer a number of packages to help you get hired, get in touch now at 0412392617

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