Bold and Epic! Meet the Indie Resume

Indie Recruitment was established in 2015, servicing the Newcastle and Hunter Regions. We specialise in a range of human resources functions, including preparation of a premium resume and cover letter. We also handle the recruitment needs of small and medium businesses. We offer individualised branding, interview coaching, training, school education programs, industrial relations assistance, and much more.

Our business is guided by honesty and authenticity. We go above and beyond for our clients, and are grateful to assist with their career aspirations.

The team at Indie Recruitment are professional resume writers and are ready to help you take charge of your career. We’ve got a range of services to help everyone looking for a new job or a career change.

Our tailored approach looks at everyone as an individual. Your resume needs to be unique and memorable to ensure your application gets the attention it deserves.

If your resume is looking tired or you don’t even have one, let us take the stress out of the process for you! For as little as $80, our team will prepare a professional resume for you and get you noticed by employers.


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Jobseekers: Applying for a job can be daunting. You know you can do the job, but you just can’t seem to get to put pen to paper. It is in our nature not to ‘big note’ ourselves – which is the opposite of what you need to do when applying for a job. By letting us help you, you will have someone to write your document(s) for you, and will sell you in the best possible light. We have experience in many different industries, allowing us to best cater to whatever your needs are.

Investing in your future has never been easier with Indie Recruitment and our services start at just $80. Use the form below to get the ball rolling or give us a call on 1300 144 980 to chat more.

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About to finish school? Looking to enter the workforce, gain an apprenticeship or a traineeship? Or still at school and looking for casual / part-time work? Let us take the stress out of it for you. With years of experience in many industries, we can help you prepare all facets of your next job application

Our team currently work in a school as a career advisor,  so we have a deep connection to students and what they require when considering post school career.


Are you finishing university / TAFE soon and are looking to start your career? With experience in targeting many different industries, let us take the stress out of applying and help you. For just $110 (incl. GST) for a resume, and $160 (incl. GST) for a package including cover letter and resume, we can tailor the documents to best serve you. Turnaround is 1-3 days.


Applying for a job can be an anxious affair. You know you can do the job, but you just can’t seem to put pen to paper about yourself or your skill set and experience…

We take the time to prepare your documents, professional or personal brand, skill set, experience. We address and match your professional profile to the essential criteria as outlined in the job description.

Indie Recruitment, being Novocastrians, have experience in numerous industries, allowing us to present you exceptionally well, we are your local resumes specialists.


We at Indie appreciate that employees make decisions to leave an organisation, hopeful onto bigger and brighter pastures. One of the greatest acts of leadership we have observed is helping these employees with their next step. One way you can do this is equip them with a cover letter and resume as a parting gift. If you are an employer who is keen to assist your staff with their next step, we would love to hear from you and assist.

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