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The Unconventional Path
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I’ve taken the unconventional path at every opportunity in life….. Failed & Left school at 15, returned to study Communications at university at 21 with a UAI of 96.9….ridden on multiple stunt teams, riding ramps, successfully worked in over 30 jobs across 18 different industries, slept in my car for 6 weeks, been runner up in the Australian Jewellery Design Awards with a $10,000 piece made by Cerrone, coached women’s Roller Derby, earned $1000 p/w playing pool in Sydney pubs and clubs, been a single parent, immersed myself in other cultures, married the love of my life, raised an amazing son, and met some very interesting characters along the way….

My reason for sharing ? 

The unconventional path is interesting and brings variation in personal and professional experience. I have worked for some of the largest Australian companies and small owner operators…each time taking valuable positives and negatives on how to do business. I love to learn and enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of putting it into practice to succeed. This is why owning such a diverse and dynamic business suits me.

EXPERIENCE (good and bad) makes you tough, weathered and confident in your ability, enough to succeed if used the right way… and works well with Millennial mindsets of candidates today.

“I’ve always done what others say I can’t, but it’s really… What they can’t! “

I have a very unique experience of this world and for the first time I embrace it all.

2016 was a massive year for me, quitting my job and developing a start up recruitment business that I passionately believe in. Within 2 months I replaced my own wage….and within 4, I had staff and a brand!

“Finally my so-called perceived ‘weakness’ of job hopping, has become my strength!

My background allows me to understand the needs of many industries and company structures whilst understanding the distinct needs of individual workplace cultures. I’m flexible, adaptable and naturally think laterally to solve problems.

I have no doubt there are further tough times ahead of me but this year has taught me, I WILL NOT ONLY SURVIVE…… BUT THRIVE!

Thanks for reading and have a great 2017. Why not take the Unconventional path this year with me! ?

Jacqueline Garrett – The Unconventional CEO INDIE Recruitment 0412392617

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