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Yep, everyone does and it’s important to know what yours consists of,  so you know how to sell it! Selling yourself based on your unique skill stack, means you will STAND OUT from other applicants and show prospective employers exactly WHY they should hire you.

First things first, you need to know how to identify your UNIQUE SKILL STACK before you can use it effectively (Part 2 – coming soon)

In our Career path planning sessions we go into more depth, but here’s a quick guide to get you started! It begins with writing a FULL DISCLOSURE resume (that no one else will see!…….Phew!)

  1. Start by listing every job you’ve ever done. This includes volunteer work, sporting achievements, carer duties and general tasks that you complete regularly and next to this, list every duty you completed as part of these roles.
  2. Then name all of the computer systems / software / technology that you have utilised to complete these duties
  3. Once you have these three columns written, create a separate list containing pros/cons that contains your personality traits – AND BE HONEST ie;


  • Likes to be early
  • Enjoys a variety of work
  • Loves teamwork
  • Craves creativity
  • Needs good communication
  • Like to lead people


  • Hates competing deadlines
  • Don’t like working alone
  • Don’t like authority
  • Don’t like 9-5
  • Don’t like boredom
  • Hates drama


  1. Then, from all of this information you need to decide what your 3 key messages are. WHAT do you want people to know about you? WHAT will set you apart and in a positive light from the rest of your industry? It might be a combination of skills / software knowledge / personality traits or a combination of any of these but figure out what TOP 3 things will make you STAND OUT and get hired. Consider this from an employers perspective or business owner’s perspective, not as a faceless company but as people with responsibilities to hire the right person. Hence why EVERY application should be written individually and tailored to the job at hand.
  2. Once you have your 3 KEY MESSAGES, you can gear everything towards PROVING you have these three abilities. It will also help you going into an interview to know what 3 key messages you want to leave them with. When you are able to narrow it to the top 3, it makes it easier to communicate, easier to remember when you get nervous in an interview and FAR EASIER for an employer to remember you for these traits. If you’ve chosen the right ones for the right job, it will increase your chances of getting hired exponentially.


Now, if you have an extensive background of experience, you might be wondering how you can possibly narrow it down to a top 3….. My advice? Group them into broader personality traits! Still list your individual achievements and skills but make your message one of your TOP 3 overall abilities.

For young people with little experience, ensure you draw from any sporting achievements or academic experiences to show where you excel. Use this opportunity to prove how you showed leadership as captain of a sporting team or exceptional communication skills whilst debating or determination in studying for a spelling competition that you won. These things each help you STAND OUT from the many other applicants.

If you need help IDENTIFYING your UNIQUE SKILL STACK, get in touch  for our assistance at and we can book in a 1 hour session to help you out or a resume re-build to reflect your skills.


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