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A point of view from someone who’s successfully navigated over 30 different job in 18 different industries and learned the hard way, what really matters!

Now this may not be the case for everyone, but for me there’s a distinct difference in my approach to jobs since turning 30. These changes happened coincidentally, with a few “FUN” contributing factors… Like having a family, getting older and realising my passion for helping others.

20’s – Yes, my job choices were questionable sometimes but it led me here!!

Earning – Every job in my 20’s had to have a significant pay rise involved or it just wasn’t worth it! I figured that if I increased my annual salary with each change…. I was doing ok!

Promotion – With each job and salary increase, usually came a new level of responsibility (Read stress/responsibility), which is fine if you are in the job of your dreams…. Sadly, I was not.

Social capital – This was a strong deciding factor in many of my 20’s jobs. Did my next role provide social proof that I fit in with society around me? Did it provide me with access to tickets/ associations and otherwise unobtainable fun. In other words….. was it cool?

Perks – In my 20’s, I considered social capital and perks to be the same thing and never once considered that life enhancing (gym) positives could be a ‘thing’. Then again, it wasn’t as common then as it is now to receive access to the gym as part of your salary package.

Location – Was my next job near a good bar? Was it in the cool part of town, where I would likely run into heaps of my friends? Who can even remember?? But it was a consideration then. I mention this aspect because of the stark change in my 30’s


30’s – Finally happy with where I’m at!

Earning – My earning potential became far clearer to me In my 30’s. I was more ‘sure’ of myself and the value that I held for an employer and now I had a child to support, so earning became more about survival, provision and what was a fair price to take up my time away from my child. Negotiations became the norm out of necessity and it all fit into the larger picture of how I wanted life to look

Promotion– The more I narrowed my search for a job that I felt passionately about… the more I realised that promotion was only a good thing if you actually liked your job/industry…. If not, it became a huge stress, causing burn out and rage quit. Promotions became more strategic. Were the $$$ worth the stress?

Social Capital – In my 30’s, I noticed a distinct change…. Social capital and perks no longer meant the same thing…. But social capital and promotion sure did. Social proof that I held a management position or a position that really had some sway in a business started to become my social proof that everything was on track. Now, my social proof is our testimonials… people I’ve helped gain employment and the sheer pleasure I get out of passing on my knowledge to younger people so they don’t make my mistakes.

Perks – Perks of the job…. It’s something I’ve actually never really encountered in a job (except for that one awesome boss that owned a gorgeous yacht on Sydney harbour!!). I’m talking gym memberships, car parks, in office massage therapists, lunches provided, healthcare, ping pong tables, remote working capabilities, on site creche and coffee carts. Hell, I’ve even come across a company that has a lego play room! My point is, that perks are now true improvements to worklife, instead of tickets to a gig for someone else’s opinion of me. I hope that one day, INDIE will be at the centre of providing a workplace that truly enhances people’s lives.

Location – So, instead of trendy bars and the ‘happening’ end of town…. Jobs in my 30’s considered traffic, parking, closeness to schools and within 15 min driving time (no, I don’t live in a ‘major’ city). It’s more about convenience within my own life bubble. In short, what ‘works’ for me.


A lot has changed in the past 10 years, especially the opinions I hold of myself. I value my abilities and the diverse range of skills I call my ‘UNIQUE SKILL STACK’… no one else has my particular combination of experience and skills. For the first time, I realise that I have something to offer and a standard job was not going to ‘do it’ for me.  Hence my decision to start my own business! I am now able to help others with my unique skill stack, showing them how to get hired, thus enhancing their earning capabilities and lifestyle.

If you’re still reading, thank you! I wanted to offer a little insight into how my career choices have changed, why and what that means for the future. If nothing else, I am adaptable, resilient, determined, flexible and agile in my career and these abilities will be of paramount importance in the workplaces of the future. Share my journey for all the hints and tips I can muster, to help you find career happiness.